Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Play House Update: Band Camp

It's official.  I LOVE making these play house visions a reality for our kiddos.  This month's edition was very low key on the DIY front and was very intense on the shopping front.  And when I say intense, I mean there was some serious Target toy clearance stalking going on in January:).  I'll explain more in a moment.  Without further ado, Band Camp:

Bill made the campfire using stiff felt and staples.  I may go back and actually sew it.  He also made a 'rock' fire pit ring with newspaper balls covered in aluminum foil.  Clever, no?  We put a battery operated LED lantern in the middle of the fire pit, and the way the light reflects off the felt makes it feel sort of like a real campfire.

I made and stuffed some felt logs.

Bill made marshmallow sticks with the kiddos with dowels and white felt.

Here is our new drum set, compliments of a super clearance score.  It was just over $20.

The piano was a Christmas sale purchase from Walmart for about $25.  It didn't arrive on time for Christmas, so we saved it.

The guitar was about $12 or so from the Target clearance section.

I loaded the former grocery store shelves with musical instruments that we already had.

The band was named 'The Lucky Charms'.

This may be Lucky and Charm's favorite set up yet.  Whenever we have free time they ask to play downstairs!!

As for now, I'm dreaming up next month's set up, and I'm getting very excited to get some stain on this play house.  It won't be long now until we can open our windows and enjoy some fresh air!!


  1. Can you please come over and accessorize my not finished dog house and make it fun for my kids? I just love all of your creative ideas.

    1. Yes!! I'd love to:)!! You can do the same things we're doing with your new play space:)!!

  2. So creative!! How about a doc mcstuffins clinic or mickey mouse clubhouse or farmhouse themes? So many fun things you can do! Hoppy easter!

    1. Yes...we have a couple of those ideas in the works for down the road. I think we've got a queue of at least 10 themes that we are collecting items for and finding DIY projects to work on. It is exciting!! I can't wait to see how next month comes together:).