Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Culligan Man!!

Ever since we moved into our home three years ago, we've been meaning to do something about our water.  The former owners of the house had removed a whole house reverse osmosis filtration system prior to foreclosing, and we always felt like we should probably address the issue ourselves, but we just put a small charcoal filter under our kitchen sink and called it good.

Fast forward a few years and a melanoma diagnosis later, and it's safe to say we're I'm more than a little paranoid about the chemicals that are entering our bodies, especially when it comes to our drinking water.  I decided to investigate a bit further, and I called over the experts for a little chat.  Our Culligan Man was 100% prepared to handle the third degree I gave him regarding our drinking water.  In the end, we decided to purchase an under the counter filtration system that not only includes a reverse osmosis filter, but also a special filter to remove specific chemicals that have popped up in our city water thanks to a little chemical waste issue that took place years ago:(.  With our new filtration system, you can't get purer water.  That makes me so happy!!

Since it was installed a few days before my birthday, Bill is calling it my birthday present.  Love it!  Thank you dear.  (He also called our trip to Florida my birthday present since we left a few days after my birthday. And then there was this giraffe that showed up:)....more on that later.  It was pretty much the best birthday ever.)

Back to the water filter.  Here it is taking up an enormous amount of under sink space:

And here's how it looks from above:

The brushed nickel faucet is new (they didn't have an oil rubbed bronze option available....insert sad face here), and from it pours our cleaner than clean water.  We noticed a taste difference immediately, and now our ice cubes are clear!!  (We had it attached to the water line that feeds our freezer ice maker as well.)  Additionally, it's super easy to use the filtered water for rinsing our fruits and veggies and for cooking too.

Now because it wouldn't be practical to attach these filters to every faucet in our house that we might drink water from (bathroom faucets and basement wet bar sink included), I developed an extremely high tech way to distribute 'clean' water throughout the house:).

I found these bottles on clearance at Target for $2.98 each about a month ago, and I stocked up on them:).

I filled up three of them for our basement refrigerator that's in our wet bar:

Here's the bottle we're using in our master bathroom:

For the kids bathroom, I just filled a stainless steel bottle because a glass bottle in a kids bathroom is just asking to get broken.  Lucky is very good about filling a cup for her and Charm after they are done brushing their teeth.  It's like a big sister's duty or something.  It's just one of the 1 million things I love about that girl.

We have had the filter in our house for about two weeks now, and we could not be happier.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.  It's probably the best house update we've made yet!!

Goodbye Old Water!  Hello Culligan Man:)!!


  1. We have used this system for over a decade and love it! We had it in our old home and waited a few years before installing one in our current place. It's one of the best investments we've ever made. Enjoy!

  2. Oh I am so glad you ended up getting it. I know how much it bothered you so I am excited for you.