Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Stockings!

In keeping with the red, white and modern theme that some how evolved with our Christmas decor this year, I decided to make some new stockings for our mantle.  Here are the stockings we had before:

And here are the new ones I made:

I had originally planned to make 4 black and white striped stockings with felt tops, but I didn't have enough black and white striped fabric on hand.  Instead, I went and pulled out a bunch of  black and white fabrics from my fabric stash and let each family member choose one for their stocking.  Charm chose the dog fabric, Lucky liked the polka dots, Bill chose the striped fabric, and I picked out a floral fabric.  I picked up four packs of red piping and used close to 1 pack per stocking so the project cost about $8 total.  I should note that it is pretty easy to pick up stockings for $3 or so right now at stores like this wasn't really a big cost saver:).  It was just one of those projects that I wanted to try.  Piping the felt 'fold down' part of Charm and Bill's stockings was a bit tricky to figure out, but I eventually got it after using our original green stockings as a guide.  Our new stockings are not perfect by any means, but they are homemade, and that's always nice:).

Here is a quick picture of Charm's pinned stocking, which was the first one I made:

I should also note, that my floral stocking was quickly replaced when I unwrapped this huge-normous red dollar store stocking from Lucky.  Apparently, she doesn't want Santa to skip me:).  I completely love it!

 How funny is this?:

Merry Christmas!!


  1. I'm so weird sometimes.. i had all your stockings matched with who's they were before you told us!

    I like the big red one - I hope Santa fills it up for you!

    1. You're good Mary! Santa ended up filling up the huge stocking with presents for the kids. There just weren't enough stocking stuffers to fill that one:)!!

  2. I love them! Was it hard to sew such a thick bundle of fabric?

    1. It wasn't too hard actually once I got it all pinned together. The sewing machine handled the fleece/felt stuff really, really well.