Saturday, December 22, 2012

Deer Christmas Tablescape!

I took a few moments last Sunday to put together a simple 'table scape' for a little Christmas brunch/lunch/gathering.  We ended up not even using the table to eat because the Vikings were on television, but we did enjoy the festive setting that night for dinner. 

Here were my supplies:

There was a little glare with this picture.  Whoops.  I used white antler picks from Mara Mi and 3 cardboard tree cutouts from Mara Mi as well.  (Both the trees and antler picks were gifts from the lovely Oma (and Opa, I guess too:).)  Thank you!)  The trees were about $6 and were available at Target this year too.  I also used a roll of brown wrapping paper from the dollar store and some of the leftover faux snow from our photo shoot.  I didn't end up using the red napkins.  I opted to stick with the blue, green, brown and white color scheme that the room has going on already.  I did add in some round slate coasters for drinks/name markers that I had picked up from Michael's on the cheap this summer.  I believe it was a couple dollars for 4 of them.  I had Bill drill holes in most of them for beverage dispenser markers at Charm's Party. 
Here's how it looked:

I just rolled out the paper, centered it in the middle of the table and taped it underneath the table on the ends.  It stayed really well.  It would have been fun to have the kids draw on it when we were done too...we could have used it as wrapping paper!:)

See how the slate coasters worked well as place markers too?

I just love this deer!  I saw him on clearance yesterday at Target for 50% off: $15!  I almost got a spare:)!  As an aside, tons of Christmas decor is already marked down to 50% off at Target and the Neiman Marcus line is 50% off as well.  (Clearance markdowns vary regionally, so you might want to call ahead first!)

Another festive and simple holiday project!


  1. Simple stuff, but I really like it! (Would like those slate coasters year round.)

    1. Thanks Mary! I'll keep an eye out at Michael's to see if the slate coasters return after the Christmas Decor goes away. They were so inexpensive, especially with a coupon!

    2. Thanks - you probably hang out there more than me... :-)

      (I'm kind of a coaster freak these days... seems like I'm always finding new places that I need another coaster!)

  2. I've been eyeing that reindeer head from Target all season, hoping I'd be able to find one at the after Christmas sales. Then I saw your post Saturday night and decided to try my luck at our local Target. SCORE! It was 50% off! Thanks for the heads-up!

    (oh, and Target has also had those slate coasters in a 4 pk. in that same Christmas section--saw them for 50% off, too. I think they were also about $4 like the ones from Michael's. I happened to find some at Goodwill this summer for a buck!)

    1. Yeah Denise!! I'm glad you were able to grab one...and at such an awesome price. And thanks for the heads up on the coasters too:)!

  3. We have a modern red and white theme in our house but it is slowly morphing into a cabin-esk feel. I keep picking up very rustic holiday decorations. Kohls had a great line this year that i just adored. I picked a couple things up on Christmas Eve when it was already 60% off. I think I just need to buy a cabin now.