Monday, December 3, 2012

Let It Snow!

I had a little photo session yesterday with the kids in an attempt to take the elusive 'perfect' Christmas picture for this year's card.  I actually really tried this more than just going to our closets the day we decide to take a picture to coordinate our outfits.  I bought Christmas pajamas on sale ($11 each set and 100% cotton:)) from Gymboree.  I made felt letters (like Gobble, which in retrospect really looks like OB LE), and I picked up some $1 felt snowflakes from Target. I borrowed 'faux snow' from my Mom because I saw some in her basement when I was up north last, and I didn't realize how readily available that stuff is ($2.49 at Target) and how messy it is.  I think it is shredded plastic bags.  The kids loved playing with it, but the mess it left was not so much fun.  Ah well.   Here's how the picture taking went:

This picture was when I knew they were done.

The aftermath.

Now, I'll turn the 124 pictures I took over to Bill, our in house card maker, to see what he comes up with for this year's card.  We were mailed a fantastic coupon from Cardstore, so we'll most likely be using them again this year!  (Here is my post about Cardstore from last year.)

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