Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hand Painted Canvas Treasure Map and Play Like a Pirate Art

(So...I guess this week is all about 'gallery walls' around here:))...When I decided Charm's Room needed more of a 'pirate' feel, I decided to switch out a couple of the frames from his gallery wall:

Specifically, these two 't-shirt' art frames (and then one more just for fun:)):

For one of the frames, I decided that a treasure map would be appropriate.  I already had leftover duck cloth that we used for Charm's pirate party treasure maps that could serve as a canvas, so I cut a piece to size and then found this map online:

I used this map for total inspiration since I'm good at recreating images, but not coming up with them on my own...maybe someday I'll have the ability to be more original:)!

Here was the process:

Step 1: Pencil sketch the image on the cloth:

2. Choose your colors and start painting!  (Helpful hint:  Choose coordinating colors to those in the room where the image will be displayed.  Don't just pick them from memory or because they are similar to the colors of the image you are recreating!  I would have used different shades of blue and green had I taken the two minutes to run upstairs and look at the room again.  Ah well...lesson learned!)

3. When you're done painting, add an optional secret message that will get hidden by the frame or on the back of the canvas:

4.  Frame your work (or hand it to your kiddo for play time):

5.  Stand back and look at your handiwork and try not to get distracted too much if you're paint colors aren't spot on:).

Total cost: FREE since I already had the duck cloth and paint on hand!

With the other frame, I decided I wanted to capture a fun saying or quotation.  I LOVED this one:

via Monorail on Etsy

...but the orientation was wrong for the frame I needed to fill.  

They have t-shirts with the saying on it:

...but instead of doing more 't-shirt' art, we created a similar look using Powerpoint on photo paper:

We printed it in the size we needed for about $3.

And here it is on the wall:

And then I decided to change out the green 'fretwork' frame to this image:

I took this picture of Charm staring at the ocean on our trip to Florida last winter.  I just love it!!  I stare at it and wonder what was going through his mind in that moment.  Perhaps he was pondering how far away the pirates might be:)!!

Now his gallery wall looks like this:

 These new chairs were purchased online from Target for about $13 each on clearance with a coupon:)!

I just have a couple more updates for his small one and one big one...more to come soon!

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