Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Homegrown Herbs for the Winter

We recently harvested lots of fresh herbs from our garden and washed, cut and dried them for use this winter.  

This is rosemary washed and waiting to be cut:

I picked up these 5 bladed herb scissors at a local art fair a couple weekends ago.  They work really, really nicely!

I also bought some of these bottles from Specialty Bottle Company (Along with several bug spray bottles for the homemade bug spray that we made and used this summer....perhaps I'll write about it next summer:)!)  I chose this bottle size because it most closely matched the herb bottles that we purchased earlier this year.  I also used some labels from Staples that I had picked up with a coupon earlier this summer.

I think these could make a wonderful Christmas present or teacher's gift on the cheap!!

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