Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thoughts by Beth

I realize my once regular posting habit has become highly irregular this summer (things should go back to normal in the fall:)), and as a result I feel like I have so many things to write about.  More thorough posts will come in the future.  As for now, here's a quick run down on recent happenings in our world.

1.  After a brutally hot July, our forecast looks like this for the upcoming weekend:
I am so excited!!  It's time to do a little bit of staining, I think:).

2. The website for Scotch Blue Painter's Tape has a fun little gallery with great project ideas using painter's tape:)!  You can see my hopscotch rug on the Scotch Blue Gallery here (look under the 'Family Crafters' tab.  My chevron curtains are on the site as well under the 'Interior Designers' tab.

3. Even though we had a horrible case of Japanese beetles around here this summer, my roses are still thriving somehow:

4. The $10.74 train set the Lucky found on super clearance at Target and gave to Charm for his birthday is AMAZING:)!.  It's got an airport and gas station with $10/gallon gas and a fire station and post office, and I think I love it as much as Lucky and Charm do:)!

(It's like we made our factory cart to fit this train set perfectly!)

5.  Lowe's is having a big lighting clearance sale.  I found this gourd lamp base for $6.24.  If you are needing any lamps or hard wired fixtures, you may want to stop in or check online.

6.  I got a new purse.  It's not black or brown like I had talked about here.  Here it is:

It's super bright red, by Emma Fox and I absolutely love it.  I bought it at TJ Maxx last month.  Here's a link to the purse.  It's made out of really nice leather, and I usually wear it cross body, although it can be carried by hand too, and the lining is just adorable.

7.  And finally, guess who's coming back to the Twin Cities?  The kind folks at World Market must have finally read my letter:)!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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