Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charm's New Ship Wheel

We completed many projects in the days leading up to Charm's Shark Pirate Party, and one of them was creating a portable ship wheel for Charm.  He received the unfinished ship wheel in (or under) his Easter basket* this year, and we'd planned to make a stand for it ever since.  Bill and Charm worked together to create this stand using scrap wood from our garage.

It's simple in design and tons of fun!  The wheel spins around, and Charm pretends he's on a boat or a fire truck (his latest obsession:)) or some other moving vehicle.

I stained the stand and put a protective coat of satin polyacrylic on top.

Bill figured out what kind of hardware we needed to make it spin around.  I'm not sure what exact parts he used, but if anyone is curious I'll ask him:)!

*I believe the Easter Bunny found the ship wheel at Michael's on clearance for $2.99 last winter.  They were clearing out the 'wood' section at the time.  I did see unfinished ship wheels there again this summer for $12.99...but with a coupon that would only be about $7:).


  1. that Easter Bunny is quite the bargain shopper! Another great unique item for the Charm room. Is the Pirate Chest going to be a Charm treasure box?

  2. The pirate chest is living in his room now...but it may migrate to the basement for pirate play:)!

  3. I was wondering how it is mounted so that it can spin?? Thanks!

    1. We just used a nut and bolt with washers in the middle. It stays together and spins freely!

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