Friday, May 25, 2012

Silverware Herb Markers

Now that we have our herb garden planted, I wanted to add some fun herb markers to help me keep my herbs straight.  I originally wanted to pick up some fun Smith & Hawken copper herb markers that Target is selling for $2.99 each, but my local Target hasn't had them in stock for several weeks, and I'm thinking that since it's a seasonal item they might never come back in stock.  I searched for herb markers on Etsy and found several listings for silverware herb markers.  I thought I would try to make my own using this metal stamping kit that I ordered off Amazon.
I ordered this kit because I liked that it had numbers and letters, and I liked the $12-ish price.  I would have loved to pick up a kit in a bigger size, but as the size goes up, the price also goes up...dramatically.  I also picked up some random pieces of silverware at Goodwill for $0.29 each.  I pounded them flat with a hammer, and used the stamps to write out the names of my herbs.  I discovered that it was best to give each letter one solid hit from the hammer versus several smaller taps.  Smaller taps created duplicate letters in some cases.

After I stamped all my spoons and forks, I got out a Sharpie marker to help make the letters stand out better.  I just colored in the letters and then wiped off the excess Sharpie with a wet wipe.

 This one reads 'Cilantro'.  The sun makes them tricky to read at times:).





I think it's funny that there are forks and spoons in the garden:)!  

And with that...I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Travel safely, eat lots of grilled food, and most importantly...don't forget your sunscreen!! 

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