Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Sunshine: Relaxation Box

I haven't done a Project Sunshine post in awhile.  It's not because I'm not keeping up with the project, rather sometimes it feels a little strange to send someone a package and publicly announce that I'm sending a surprise. It makes it feel less genuine.  Anyway, here is a surprise that I'm happy to share since there are multiple recipients, none of whom read this blog.

Background for this Project: At my regular Yin Yoga class, we use lavender eye pillows at the end of each session.  I absolutely love the aroma.  It causes instant relaxation, and I really wanted one!  The yoga studio sells them for about $15, so I checked out Etsy where prices start at $5 plus shipping.  I figured I could make them really easily, but I'd need to make a bunch of them to make it worthwhile.  Since the school year is almost ending, I decided that it would make a great teacher's gift!

I ordered up some organic lavender from Amazon, along with some organic fabrics from  I picked up some organic rice from Trader Joe's and mixed the lavender and rice in a 2:1 ratio.

Bill, Lucky and Charm filled the muslin bags that I made about half way with the lavender/rice mixture, while I sewed the bags shut.

Next, I made covers for the muslin eye pillows using various types of organic cotton fabrics.

I even made a couple extra 'mini' eye pillows for Lucky and Charm:)!:

I found some boxes at Target dollar bin section and lined them with tissue paper.  In each box, Lucky, Charm and I added a homemade organic lavender eye pillow, an organic EOS lip balm (my favorite!), and a few bags of antioxidant rich green tea.  The overall cost for each gift (box included) is just over $7.

 I used simple labels and $1 alphabet stamp set to address the presents and add little 'relax' and 'rest' reminders:):

 Inside each box:

Bill made little 'eye pillow' cards using card stock.  

Hopefully, the teachers will enjoy their gifts and get some well deserved rest and relaxation this summer!

And I did make an extra eye pillow for myself too and I LOVE it!  This gift may be my go to present for awhile, especially since I have lots of fabric and lavender left over!!


  1. I was a teacher before having my son, and I would have LOVED to receive such a thoughtful handmade gift! So pretty, too!:)

    1. Thanks Anne! I hope Lucky and Chsrm's teachers liked it too!!

  2. Funny - I just posted about the same thing.

  3. I'm gonna make one of these kits for my sweet neighbor who's battling breast cancer--one more chemo treatment to go, and then a little break before 6 weeks of daily radiation. She NEEDS one of these! Especially love the tags...and the reminders to REST and RELAX!

    1. What a wonderful neighbor and friend you are!! My prayers go out to your neighbor and all women battling breast cancer.