Thursday, October 30, 2014

Treat or Treasure?

Oh blog, how I've wanted to keep you more updated, but this is a busy season in our life, and unfortunately, when something has to take a side to real life, Sunshine On the Inside is the first to go. We have some catching up to do.  Perhaps this winter?:)

On the way home from school one day Charm said, "Instead of trick or treat, I want to say treat or treasure on Halloween."  I liked that idea and when I found out about the Teal Pumpkin Project and its aim to raise allergy awareness, I ran with the treat or treasure idea this year.

This pumpkin cut out will go on my door (because I waited too long to pull out the teal spray paint on a faux pumpkin:)):

This pumpkin image printed on teal-ish cardstock.

I made a little Oriental Trading Company order a couple weeks ago when shipping was free and there was a gift certificate incentive:
I purchased a set of pumpkin bags, a roll of pumpkin stickers, a couple packs of mini bubbles and some jumping spiders.  Lucky worked non stop to fill all of the bags until the bubbles ran out!  

The result is a basket full of Halloween treasures that will be fun for all kiddos!

And we will have a 'candy option' at our house too.  I used leftover spiders from the Teal Pumpkin Project and leftover kisses from Lucky's Candy Land birthday party to make these bags:
Truth be told, I saw the idea on Pinterest weeks ago, and was excited when I had everything I needed on hand today.  I just printed off the bag toppers that I created in Word and stapled them on to the leftover bags from Lucky's big party.

And *fingers crossed*, I hope to write again tomorrow with some new Halloween decorations that we made/purchased/enjoyed this year!