Friday, January 18, 2013

Put Some Wheels On It

Bill and I have been doing a bit of furniture browsing lately as we work to come up with plans for our office and an extra upstairs bedroom.  While out and about at furniture stores, I find myself staring at every console table, end table, coffee table or bookshelf that has wheels.  I'm obsessed with wheeled furniture.  I even told Bill, "I think I'm in love with anything with wheels on it."  Bill responded, "I guess I better find me some wheels."  Ha ha.  That funny engineer of mine:).

During this conversation, I remembered that Bill built me a huge console table with wheels in November that I have yet to post that's what you get to read about today.  Lucky dogs:)!!

We decided long ago that we wanted a console table behind our Karlstad in the basement.  You can see a picture here how we even left space for the console table:

It just took us a year to come up with an idea of what we wanted, plan it, build it, and it's not totally done yet either.  We decided we wanted the table to span the entire distance behind the couch, be about 18" deep which is wide enough for lamps but not too wide, and be about the height of the couch.  (If anyone is interested in the exact dimensions, I can easily get them.  A couple months ago, I had them memorized, but not anymore:).)  We also decided we wanted the ends of the table to have storage shelves for books, blankets or toys, so we based the table design on this bookshelf by Ana White.  We obviously adjusted the plan to fit our dimensions, we didn't use plywood (only standard sized boards) and we added wheels.  The purpose of the wheels is two fold.  First, we can access the outlets (to switch out lamps, etc) with ease, and we can still have a place for the kids to play with puppets if we push the table aside.  (They loved hiding behind the couch and popping the puppets above the couch before the table was in place, and we didn't want to permanently take that ability away from them.)

Here are a few pictures of the process:

Lucky had a turn drilling too, but she also had fun playing with this big red ribbon:)!

Once the table was all built, we carried it to the basement where the wheels were attached:

Isn't she pretty?:

I love the added storage on the sides:

The table cost about $100 total including the 8 stainless steel casters.  Considering the price tags on all of the tables I was loving at the furniture stores we visited, $100 is a steal for this size of table.  I still have to stain the table, and will post updated pictures in the future.  I'm not looking forward to that job, but I'll get it done:)!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. it looks PERFECT!!! and love the dinos.... sawyer used to line his up all over the house... we would find posses and rows of dinosaurs everywhere! your row made me think of those days. :)

  2. Thanks Cassie! I love Dinosaur parades:)!!

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