Thursday, January 10, 2013

IKEA Deal-for-Ya (Target and JCPenney too!)

One of the ideas I'm toying with for the New Year is focusing my blog a bit more on 'deals' that I find.  When I first started this blog, I posted about our grocery deals and other random things that I'd find along the way.  While grocery shopping deals have been sparse since our transition to organic eating, I still love deal shopping, especially when it comes to educational products, toys, games and clothing for kids.   I'm also thinking about starting a new blog that would focus on kids more since Sunshine On the Inside has been more about home decorating and healthy lifestyle as of late.   I'd want to write these deal posts in a timely manner so that others could benefit from my 'finds'.  Until I make a decision and/or set up a brand new blog, I'm just going to post everything here!

This IKEA deal may be store specific, but when Lucky, Charm and I headed to our local IKEA (Bloomington, MN) yesterday, we stumbled upon these finger puppets, which were normally $1 each on sale for 10 cents each!!

We also found these 'circus hats' on sale for 49 cents each (down from $3.99 each):

Target online toy clearance is in full swing too!  Here are a few fun toys that I found in the Target Clearance Toy section online.  (Locally, our retail stores have 30-50% off toys right now but they should be marked down to 70% off in the very near future.)

$11.21 (Regularly $18.69)

$47.48 (Regularly $94.99)

$10.78 (Reg $17.99)

Also JCPenney is having a big clearance toy sale right now.

$5 (Regularly $20)

$10 (Regularly $40)

There are lots and lots of deals on JCPenney's site, and you can choose 'site to store' shipping for free shipping!

Happy Shopping!:)


  1. What awesome Ikea deals! I wish mine was closer than 2 hours away!

    1. I am lucky...IKEA is only about 25 minutes away from me:)!!

  2. love the fort idea! i want to send my hubby to the store right now to buy all the wood. lol how much did it cost to make the fort? trying to get an idea on how much im able to spend. Thanks! =)

    1. We got the wood on sale at our local Menards and it came to about $150-$175 for the supplies. Let me know if you have any other questions!!