Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Turkey Day 2014!

In honor of the big day of thanks, we decorated our basement play fort with a few festive Thanksgiving decorations including a 'Turkey Town' sign I painted.  The stain on the fort is new.  I completed that fun job a week ago and it involved a coat of stain and three coats of Safecoat Acrylacq to seal in the odors.  Even so, we had to open windows, turn on fans and keep the fire going while the fumes left our house.  Good times:).

We also made up crafted a couple fun and festive items for use at the 'kid table' at our Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Lucky and Charm used Sharpie Oil Paint Pens to write 'Thanksgiving' on some rocks from Michael's.

The fun comes when trying to come up with new words using the letters from the word 'Thanksgiving'.


We also made a set of stones with the word 'Christmas' written on them since we'll be celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving in one day with my in-laws this year.


They will be stored in little burlap bags I picked up somewhere along the way...perhaps the dollar bin at Target?

We also made some feather pencils for completing the Thanksgiving place mat word finds that I found at Michaels on super clearance.  I wanted some neutral colored feathers, but these bright guys were all Joann's had, and that is where I was when I had this project on the mind, so we went with them.  We just washi taped them onto standard pencils for a little festive flare:)!  The idea was courtesy of Pinterest:).

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend!  

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