Friday, April 4, 2014

Drum Roll for.....Friday!!

We had a couple big milestones this week:

Clover rolled over for the first time which surprised us all!  Note the drool bomb...he has a tooth coming soon:).

Our Lucky Lady also has a tooth coming soon.  She lost a front tooth last weekend and earned a glittered dollar from the tooth fairy!  She pulled it out before bedtime, likely in an effort to delay going to sleep.  She is my night owl.

More pictures from the week:

And here are a few things we have enjoyed recently:

I am loving the bright colors at Carter's right now.  I picked up these pants, this shirt, and this shirt for Charm.  He has just recently become okay with wearing button down shirts without complaint.  Hallelujah!  And the socks.  I love Carter's non-slip socks.  The patterns are so cute, and coordinating socks make me happy!

We made two batches of these paleo cookies this week.  Yummers!

I am obsessed with this large scale bird cage.  I can think of three places it would work in our house.

Why is your child crying?  All I know is after reading some of this blog, I don't feel so alone in the parenting game.

Finally, we have been watching lots of basketball thanks to the NCAA Tourney and the UW Badgers.  The last time the Badgers made it to the Final Four, I was in school there and won the lottery for student seats for the championship weekend in Indianapolis.  I took my Dad and brother.  The Badgers didn't win, but it was still an awesome weekend!  This year, we'll be cheering from afar.  Go Badgers!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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