Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Ship Controls

When I was at IKEA awhile back, I found these magnets:

Spontan Magnets

I love them and use them in our mudroom and on our kitchen fridge.  One day it occurred to me that their size and shape would be perfect for ship controls in Charm's room.  (I think this idea came to me about the same time I was working on a rocket ship for Charm's Outer Space themed birthday party in August.  That's how long it takes me to implement things:).  Also, that's a reminder to me to post some pictures from his last party before its time for his next!)

I had picked up three packs of the white magnets sometime before Clover was born, and then a couple weeks before or after he was born (that period of time is sort of a blur to me now), Charm and I made 'Ship Controls'.  They could be for a space ship, or a pirate ship, or even a car or train.  We drew on them with black Sharpies and stuck them to his Spontan Magnet Board that he already had in his room.

Instant Controls!  
Even though they aren't interactive in the sense that the vehicle always has 3/4 a tank of gas and the compass always reads NE, Charm uses his imagination and really enjoys them regardless!  He presses the buttons and makes rocket blast off noises.  I love watching him play...he is a kid who gets totally lost in his dream world of play.  Back to the control magnets...we use the magnet feature as well, and they oftentimes get used to hold Charm's artwork in his room.

I can't wait for Charm and Clover to be co-captains!

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