Friday, February 28, 2014

Clover is Here!!

We are so excited to announce our sweet Clover's arrival!!  He came, as scheduled, in late December and his brother and sister were there to greet him just a few short hours after his birth:

I seriously feel like the luckiest Momma in the world, with my three sweet kiddos Lucky, Charm and Clover to keep me smiling even on the dreariest of winter days:).

This picture was taken on the day Clover came home from the hospital, just a couple hours after he was named.  Naming him was a struggle.  We went in with three names, but mid hospital stay, we ended up diving into online baby name books for other options.  I won't be revealing his 'real' name on the blog because I don't feel comfortable sharing real names to the real big world.  He'll continue to be called Clover here, which is okay, since Charm calls him Clover still in real life anyway:).  I will say that his official name starts with an 'O'.  A few days after we were home, Bill made an interesting observation...if you take the first letter from each of our family member's formal names (W for Bill (William), E for Beth (Elisabeth), L for Lucky's real name, H for Charm's real name, and O for Clover's real name) and do a little rearranging, you end up with WHOLE.  It gives me chills in a good way.  We've come a long way in the last few years and feel so blessed that our O-boy is here to make us WHOLE:).

The last couple months have been filled with lots of kisses and hugs and bonding as we adjust to life as a party of five.

Clover at 4 weeks.  AKA Mini-Bill.

He reminds us of Charm at his age in many ways.  Here is a picture of Charm at 2 weeks:

And he bears a strong resemblance to our Lucky girl as well:
The eyes, the chin shape, the nose!!

 He's already sleeping 'through the night' in five to six hour stretches, which has been such a blessing!!  Naps are another story...with sibling pick ups and drop offs combined with errands and appointments, he's a cat napper at best:).  I'm hoping to work out a daily schedule so that I can get a few more blog posts written, some house project work done, and some CE completed.  We'll see how that goes.  For now, I literally am taking things one day at a time.  

Here is a recent picture of Clover at 8 weeks:
I can't believe how fast he's growing...he's going to be a tall one, I think!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!  Say a prayer for spring to come soon, okay?  We've had enough snow, ice and sub zero temperatures this winter to last for a decade!!  I told my southern living relatives that they should consider me a Winter Games Olympian just for driving in Minnesota this winter.  I swear it's like off road-bobsledding!

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