Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preschool Lunch for Lucky

While on a little solo vacation to Madison this past weekend to visit a college friend, I stumbled upon these reusable sandwich bags at a quaint shop on State Street:

Snack Taxi bags are reusable sandwich and snack bags....perfect for lunches:

Perfect for the new school year:

You can wash the snack bags with regular laundry in the clothes washer.  So far, we are really liking them.  You can find similar options here and here.  It's especially funny when your daughter starts telling people her Mom packed her a 'polka dot sandwich'.:)

And if you are curious about how Charm is handling Lucky's transition to preschool, this picture sums it up:

We're all still adjusting!

P.S. Happy, Happy Birthday Opa!!  We love you.


  1. Love all of the ideas--cute, cute pictures!

  2. I have a kindergartener who prefers a packed lunch over the school choices, I just recently purchased some "tupperware type" sandwich containers. They are great but take up a lot of space in the lunch box. How are these with the 'smushing" of the sandwich?

    1. There's been no sandwich smushing:), although I usually put all the heavy lunch items on the bottom of her lunch bag and the sandwich on top...just like the picture above. I really like that we can reuse them (good for the environment), and I really don't like the smell of new plastic baggies. So far, so good:)! Wish they weren't so expensive...I've been thinking about making some on my own...though my DIY list is so long, I probably wouldn't get to it until the summer:)!

      Hope your little one is enjoying the start of the school year!