Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bill's Patio Cushion Solution

Bill has good ideas all the time, but this particular idea has removed a big annoyance in our sun porch and my parents' sun porch, and perhaps it will help you too:)!

Here was the problem:

Slouchy outdoor furniture cushions are so annoying!  After you sit for awhile, you slowly slip down in your seat.  I was seriously considering replacing the outdoor furniture that's in our sun porch (and was originally purchased for use on the enormous deck at our old house) with a normal couch and chair pair since our sun porch is fully enclosed.  And then my parents were having the same problem with the outdoor chairs in their new sun porch up north.  My mom asked us for some help in solving their chair slipping issues and gave us some peel and stick velcro to help with the problem.  Except she still wanted to be able to flip the cushions over from time to time, so the velcro would have to be placed in a hidden location.  We thought about putting the velcro on the very back (not the bottom, but the back) of the cushions or finding some matching fabric to make some tabs to loop around the back of the chair frame.  We weren't sure velcro on the back of the cushions would hold, and it would be lots of work to track down matching fabric and sew tabs.  It was then that a light bulb went off in Bill's head, and he asked my Mom for some of this:

It's a non-slip rug pad.  Bill cut pieces to size and placed them on the chair like this (pictures below taken in our sun porch:)):

And now the chairs in my parents' house and our sun porch stay put:

Hallelujah!  It doesn't get much easier than that.  No finding matching fabric, no sewing tabs, no velcro sticking or anything!  I should mention, that I don't believe the non-slip rug pad would hold up well to the elements, but if your furniture is in a covered porch or patio or if you regularly bring your cushions inside or in a storage bin when not in use, it would work really well.  You could even put a few stitches through the non-slip rug pad onto the bottom of your cushion so it would stay in place when you store the cushions.

Does anyone else get as annoyed with slipping patio furniture cushions as I do?  Does anyone else have any easy peasy methods to keep patio chair (and couch) cushions in place?  

P.S.  You definitely don't need much non-slip rug pad to do this.  I bought a huge 8' x 10' piece at Home Goods for $30 because we had several rugs around the house that needed some non-slip rug pad action underneath them as well, so I bought one big rug pad and cut it up to meet all of our needs:)!


  1. You have the most brilliant and remarkable husband. Charming and attractive, too! Love, his Adoring Aunt Mary. :)

  2. Hi! Just trolling the internet looking for solutions to cushion slippage on a couple of chairs I just bought off kijiji and found your blog! Lucky me - I had enough anti slip mat tucked in a laundry room cupboard to do both chair cushions - PRESTO !! Problem solved! Thanks so much!